I love celebrating joyful events with food and alcohol. Well, any event really – joyful or not – food and alcohol always makes it better. This was however a truly joyful event. It was the day my man got a (very good) grade for his final thesis at the University of Copenhagen.

We should’ve been to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, but in the very last minute (we were literally standing on the platform with one foot inside the train) we decided to go out for dinner instead. Luckily we ended up at Alabama Social, one of Madklubben‘s new restaurants.

Entering the restaurant my very first impression was WOW! The restaurant is huge, but they’ve actually managed to make it seem quite small and cosy by dividing each section of the restaurant with beautiful old panned windows. The furniture are heavy and makes you wanner just lay back and give into that Southern vibe filled with warm spices, sea food, corn bread, pies and bourbon drinks.

And that was exactly what we did. Andreas isn’t that much into bubbles, so we started out with a couple of cocktails instead. I, on the other hand, am not that much into bourbon, so I went for a gin based Dixie Fizz. Andreas had a bourbon based Sazerac. Both very good. These were accompanied by a big bowl of spicy popcorn. I am a huge fan of popcorn, so naturally I was immediately won over.  It was such a great gimmick and then we didn’t start the meal off with eating too much bread, as we usually do when we go out. Loved it!

Surprise surprise, I chose to start with the tartar. Andreas went for the profiteroles filled with delicious crab meat. As you might know, I’m very critical when it comes to tartar. This one was okay, but not amazing. When it comes to tartar in Copenhagen Bar’Vin still takes first prize in my book.

My main course was a big ass pork chop. Probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen and eaten. Grilled to perfection, beautifully pink inside and incredibly moist. Andreas had the gumbo, which was a bit too spooky for my taste. One the side was a piece of corn bread, which was the one point where Alabama Social fell through horribly: The corn bread was like taking a bite of the Sahara desert. It must have been at least a few days old – not OKAY!

To end it off I had the most AMAZING pecan pie with a scoop of ice cream. Two cocktails, a decent bottle of Zinfandel, two 3-course menus and a small coffee set me back 1.075 DKK (approx. $140 or 145€). All in all a very nice AND affordable night at Alabama Social.

Psst! Madklubben has nine restaurants in Copenhagen. Last year I wrote about one of them, Madklubben Vesterbro, in this post about 10 great mid-budget eats in Copenhagen.