Orange dinnerFierce Food is a blog about food
It all started at a danish food blog several years ago. In the end of 2013, three months before I went to New York to stay for an additional three months, I decided to create Fierce Food. The idea was to use the blog as a way to document my journey in the native tongue of my destination – USA.

Food as a mean to socialization
Not only do I love to eat, think about and cook food – I also find the social aspects of food extremely fascinating. Food and meals is a physiological necessity for human beings to survive. It is also an incredible simple mean to break down barriers between people, teach children how to act and react in society and bring people together in spite of social differences. I worked with this subject in my bachelor thesis in Food Science from the University of Copenhagen and will continue to in my masters at the University of Aalborg in Copenhagen.

My pictures
I take pictures with what I have at hand, and that is usually my Iphone 6. I don’t have photoshop or know how to use it, so all image processing is done on my phone – usually in Instagram.

I work freelance as a Project Manager specialized in food related projects. Feel free to reach out should you have an idea for an exciting project or need an experienced Projects Manager on your project. See more about Fierce Food PROJECTS here.

Disclaimer and copyrights
What I write on Fierce Food is my opinion and my opion alone. It hasn’t got anything to do with my current employment or the opions of my employers. Pictures and words are my property – if you would like to borrow something, ask me beforehand – I’ll probably say yes.

I would love to hear from you
I hope you found what you were looking for at Fierce Food. I would love to hear from you – questions, comments, ideas – everything is welcome at

Thank you for stopping by, Katja

Psst! The picture is taken by Chris Tonnesen.