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It’s difficult not to stress out completely over all the great places and things, we have to taste, see, visit and meet before these three months in NYC are over! Last Friday I had amazing cocktails just 3 minutes from my front door at Apotheke NYC in 9 Doyers Street. Be glad I just gave you the address, otherwise you would never have found it. I only found it because of a tip I got from a former Manhattanist (just learned that word) and it was still hard to find. I love that! L
ong live prohibition – literally.

Standing outside you’ll never guess that there’s a party going on on the other side of those heavy doors. Above the door is a sign saying “Chemist” and this sure isn’t far from the truth. Opening the doors reveals not only loud music and tons of people, but also something that looks like an old pharmacy. Glass bottles of every size and color on the shelves, bartenders wearing lab coats and a huge marble counter lighted up from beneath. Wow.
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The cocktails are heavy in taste, alcohol content and really well-composed. The only bad thing I can come up with is that they only had one dark rum based cocktail on the menu and also our bartender was a bit uptight – but who wouldn’t be when working in a cool underground cocktail bar, wearing a lab coat and being so much cooler than the Danes that just arrived less than a week ago, right?

So, go out, get a good buzz on and have fun at Apotheke NYC. I’ll probably be there waiting.Photo 14-03-14 21.43.36 (1) Photo 14-03-14 21.51.27 (1)