2 years – That’s how long we prepared the crossing. 9 days – That’s how long I was sea sick. 19 days – That’s how long the crossing actually took. 100,000,000 – That’s how many amazing memories I’ve brought back home with me.

3 weeks at sea sounded quite horrible after the first time (of many) I made an offering to the great gods of the sea. Luckily my sea sickness “only” lastet 9 days. After that I was fit as a fiddle. Even though I have to say there’s not much to do out there. Once you’ve seen dolphins play along side the boat, thousands and thousands of flying fish fly above the huge waves, one unbelievingly beautiful sun set and rise after the other and an even more beautiful starry sky in between, you’ve basically seen it all. Don’t get me wrong, those are all very nice things. But I would be lying if I said I haven’t been just a tiny bit bored and restless from time to time.

2014-12-08 20.50.28

My job was however to cook and bake, and that I did. We all did! And we ate very well, I might say. Indian, Italian, Danish and French. Who would have thought that a ‘toasted with everything’ (in Danish ‘en ristet med det hele’), an old fashioned Danish classic, could bring that much joy. We brought the sausages from Las Palmas, Ebbe baked the sausage bread and I pickled the cucumber. So good!

katja and a fish

We didn’t manage to catch any fish AT ALL during the actual crossing. But then one early morning on our way from one paradise island to another we finally got two beautiful fish on the rod. I have to be honest and admit I have never filleted a fish before in my life. I did however study a few tutorials on Youtube on my way to Las Palmas and they served me right. That night we had a feast with more grilled fish than we could eat and fried rice.

katja in the kitchen

In Danish standards Bliss is a fairly big boat. In Caribbean however she was usually the smallest boat in the marina. You would not believe the yachts people sail around in over there! One even had a sailing boat AND a speed boat on the stern deck – both bigger than Bliss. It’s difficult to imagine that kind of money. Above you see me in my natural habitat: The kitchen. You might notice the high edges round the kitchen table and the stove, which is kept leveled because it’s soaring above and not standing on the floor. It takes a lot of practice to cook in a kitchen like that. Try picturing yourself cooking dinner for 6 people in the ‘hurlumhejhus’ (moving fun house) in Tivoli. Not an easy task! You can never let go of anything and expect it to be where you left it 2 seconds ago.

Bliss arrival

When we arrived in Saint Lucia we were tired, smelly and happy. We were welcomed by ARC personal and a Visit Saint Lucia official with fresh fruit and of course rum punch, the national drink of all of the Caribbean Islands. This surely was the adventure of a lifetime and I can’t believe how quickly it went by. The year of 2015 doesn’t hold as many adventures for me as 2014 did – not as far as I know anyway. Happy new year!