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I’m always running late, so I mostly take my breakfast to go.

This morning my breakfast to go consisted of greek yogurt (2 %), blue berries, dried mulberries, chopped almonds, chia seeds, coarse rolled oats and a sprinkle of licorice powder. Try it – It’ll keep you full for a loooong time.

As you might know I sometimes even take my morning porridge to go. A great trick I used a lot when I was at the university was bringing cereal og granola (let’s be honest, it’s the same thing! The later just sounds more sophisticated) in a jar or plastic container and then go buy a small milk in the canteen in the break. Easy peasy breakfast to go.

You’ve got a great morning trick/routine? Share it!

Psst! Old marmalade jars are the best to avoid breakfast out breaks in your bag and at they keep your breakfast hot/cold longer than plastic containers. Plus they’re better for the environment  – double up on benefits!

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