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One of my top blog-hits is the lazy dough recipe (lazy because you never have to touch it with your hands and it basically does the job for you, while you sleep) or as I call it: Slow rise bread as my aunt does it. I’m often asked about how soft the dough should actually be. Therefore I’ve made this short slowmotion video of the dough just before I poured it into a baking pan. As you can see the lazy dough is very soft, filled with small air bubbles and has a very sour odeur – Well, the latter you of course can’t see, but I’m sure you can imagine. Ready, set, bake!

Psst! This recipe can be used for almost every kind of bread and bun you can think of. It’s simply a brilliant lazy dough:)


[ ARC Food ] – It’s important to keep busy when you’re surrounded by nothing but ocean for a whole three weeks. One great way to do that is baking. I’ll be baking two different kinds of bread each day. One wheat/rye and one dark rye bread. The wheat/rye bread is the one I always bake by my aunt’s recipe and a big …

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My aunt Gitte knows all there is to know about baking. I got this recipe on slow rise bread from her some years ago and it was by far the most popular post on my old blog. This very forgiving basic batter (some call it lazy batter, I call it slow rise bread batter) can be used to bake morning …

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