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It’s that time a year where everything is about school, books, studying and exams. It’s also that time a year, where disgusting candy and too much coffee is allowed. The other day I had one of these (have no idea of what the taste was supposed to be) while seing bad TV with one of my favorite girls. That’s truly …

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I have three food clubs and their all equally good in their own way. However, right now I want to tell you about the Gourmet Club. We are three couples (please don’t judge me for being a couples dinner person) and we all love good food and wine. Last Friday was the fifth time we had the club and it …

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Katja in Hamburg

This is my first post on fierce food – I’m so excited to get started and can’t wait to hear from you guys out there. I have had a Danish food blog, Mad ifølge mig (FOOD according to me) for about four years. I will try to take some of my most popular posts with me to fierce-food.com, but the …

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