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When biking to Mielcke & Hurtigkarl it felt like we where going to a secret place hidden in a garden far away from the city’s roaring Friday mood. Inside it’s like a magical cave with beetles crawling on the walls, trees and leaves everywhere and swarms of butterflies hiding in the corners.  “It is a curious and stylish cabaret of …

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I love celebrating joyful events with food and alcohol. Well, any event really – joyful or not – food and alcohol always makes it better. This was however a truly joyful event. It was the day my man got a (very good) grade for his final thesis at the University of Copenhagen. We should’ve been to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, but …

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katja in the sunset

2 years – That’s how long we prepared the crossing. 9 days – That’s how long I was sea sick. 19 days – That’s how long the crossing actually took. 100,000,000 – That’s how many amazing memories I’ve brought back home with me. 3 weeks at sea sounded quite horrible after the first time (of many) I made an offering to …

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