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The décor is very summerhouse like  – one might say they have a bit of style clash going os. However the food at Skál NYC is great and the atmosphere is too. The tattoo (and arm) on the featured picture belongs to one of the lovely chefs at Skál NYC. Thank you for sharing! Considering the location just next door …

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I have been visiting quite a few Nordic restaurants in NYC in the past weeks. Call it research, call it curiosity – or maybe just call it going after the sure thing. You can’t avoid it – Nordic Chefs are damn good and so is the New Nordic Cuisine. I know that Mads Refslund, Danish head chef at ACME NYC, doesn’t …

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If there’s one thing to love about Copenhagen, it is that this city sure knows good food. Fine dining, mid-budget dining, cheap eats and quick eats – Copenhagen has it all. Copenhagen prides itself on housing several Michelin stared restaurants including the world’s best restaurant of 2010 through 2012, NOMA. And sure, you can spend your entire holiday budget in …

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