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katja in the sunset

2 years – That’s how long we prepared the crossing. 9 days – That’s how long I was sea sick. 19 days – That’s how long the crossing actually took. 100,000,000 – That’s how many amazing memories I’ve brought back home with me. 3 weeks at sea sounded quite horrible after the first time (of many) I made an offering to …

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[ ARC Food ] – It’s important to keep busy when you’re surrounded by nothing but ocean for a whole three weeks. One great way to do that is baking. I’ll be baking two different kinds of bread each day. One wheat/rye and one dark rye bread. The wheat/rye bread is the one I always bake by my aunt’s recipe and a big …

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[ ARC Food ] – The countdown has officially begun! 108 days until I embark on yet another great adventure. Together with my man and his family, I’ll be crossing the great Atlantic Sea in a sailing boat (a so called cruiser) as a part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. We’re 6 people (dad, mum and sister in law, friend of in …

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