As you might already know, I love porridge! It’s healthy, it’s easy and it’s so yummy. Lately I’ve begun mixing an egg white into my porridge making it not only more filling, but also extremely creamy and delicious. You should try it!

You can use non-pasteurized eggs, but unless you make a whole lot of homemade mayo, I suggest you buy pasteurized egg whites to avoid wasting an egg yolk every morning.

Egg White Porridge for one
1,5 oz coarse rolled oats (45 g)
1 egg white (approx. 1 oz or 30 g)

My favorite filling
1/2 apple, diced
almonds, chopped

1) Mix oats, egg whites and water well in a small casserole. Volume-wise, you should have twice as much water as oats, depending on how you like your porridge. If it’s too dry you can always add a little water. I prefer cooking my porridge on the stove and not in the microwave – mostly because I don’t own a microwave, but also because the texture gets better when using a casserole.

2) Put the casserole on the stove and bring it to medium to low heat. Stir frequently to avoid the egg white coagulating (no one likes porridge with omelet bits in it).

3) In the meantime, chop whatever fillings you have this morning. My all time favorite is almonds, apple and raisins. You can also use grape fruit, freeze dried raspberries, walnuts, dates, dried apricots, mango and so on and so on – it’s all good.

4) When the porridge has the right texture, season with salt (approx. 1/2 table spoon) and turn off the stove. Mix in all your fillings and give it a good stir. Pour the porridge into your favorite morning bowl and enjoy.

Sometimes I sprinkle my porridge with licorice powder. Yum! If you wanner add even more protein to you breakfast meal, you can finish off you porridge with a dab of Greek yogurt (2%) or skyr.

Psst! Porridge is also great on the go. I save marmalade jars and other glass containers, which are great keeping the porridge warm or at least lukewarm while you transport it. Best of all, they’re completely tight so you avoid any risk of a porridge outbreak in you bag.