I’m not quite sure if Shrove Tuesday covers it, but in Denmark we celebrate something called fastelavn. Children dress up as witches, heroes or whatever is in fashion and takes turn to hit a wooden barrel in order to become either the King of Cats or Queen of Cats. Then they get a massive sugar rush from the candy inside the barrel. Great fun!

I love fastelavn – not because of the exciting change of becoming king or queen, but because of fastelavnsboller, sweet buns with a cream, custard or marzipan filling that’ll sends you to heaven and back again.

There are different religions when it comes to fastelavnsboller. I prefer the old fashion style with marzipan filling in a soft bun made from flour, lots and lots of butter, yeast, eggs, milk and most important of all, cardamom. Others prefer the Danish pastry style with cream and/or whipped cream.

This weekend we used a recipe published in Politiken by James Price. It was easy and really tasty. We added cardamom to the dough and free styled a vanilla custard and a licorice marzipan filling. Next time I’ll use plain marzipan and only add a bit of butter to make it smooth.

Now, let’s start cookin’!

25 g yeast
125 ml whole milk
1 egg
50 g sugar
1 tsp. salt
175 g soft butter
450 g flour
0,5-1 tsp. cardamom

Dissolve the yeast in the finger warm milk, add egg, sugar, salt, butter, cardamom and flour, and stir the batter thoroughly. Let it rise until doubled in size, and roll it out in approx. 1 cm thick on a floured board. Cut squares of approx. 10 x 10 cm and place a tablespoon of whatever filling you prefer on each square.

Fold the edges of dough toward the center and pinch the edges together so the buns are completely closed. Place them on a baking sheet seam side down. Brush the buns with a beaten egg and bake in an ordinary oven at 200 degrees for approx. 15 minutes. They are done when they sound a bit hollow when you tab the bottom and they are slightly brown. When they have cooled, decorate with icing and whatever topping you like.

Bon appetite!