Yes, summer is surely here and that calls for all the ice cream and gelato you can possibly eat without bursting.

Since returning from NYC I’ve missed many things, but one thing that pops up in my head (heart and stomach) very often is the amazing gelato on a stick from popbar in the Westvillage.

I certainly had my share of gelato on a stick during the three months I spend in NYC this spring. I miss standing in front of that big window trying to choose between all the different tastes, dippings and toppings – surely first world problems!

This has brought me to invest in my very own popsicle mold and it’s absolutely genus. I bought this one online fairly cheap. The day I got it, I had to try it right away! In the lack of cream, eggs and whatever’s funny to put in those little suckers, I mixed greek yogurt (2 %), cacao powder, sugar and cacao nibs. It turned out pretty well, but I have to admit; I’m not that much in to the sour after taste.

Yesterday, better prepared, I made a batch of raspberry ice cream with fresh raspberries and a batch of licorice ice cream. I absolutely love licorice and it’s definitely on my top three of ice cream flavors. I made an ice cream base similar to this one (link to Danish food blog). It’s basically a custard like the one I’ve made here, but without flour/corn starch and with cream instead of milk. I got my hands on one of those finger thick Tahiti vanilla pods – my God, they’re so juicy and aromatic, I had to restrain myself from taking a bite of it.

Once the ice cream base was finished and kind of cold (I cheated and put it in the freezer for a bit), you can mix in whatever taste you prefer. If you have an ice cream machine, it’s so easy to make great ice cream. If you don’t, you can make really good ice cream as well, but then I would stay away from ingredients that contain water, whereas this might create ice crystals in you ice cream – that’s what happened to my raspberry batch.

When I’ve practiced some more and totally rock the whole ice cream production thing, I’ll share with you some specific recipes. In the meantime, go out and do your own researching, meaning; Eat a whole lot of gelato on a stick, in a cone or just straight out of the container!

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