I love to sleep! I truly do. Thus it might seem somewhat strange that I several times a month voluntarily get up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast different places around Copenhagen. However, my early breakfast club has become a favorite of mine and I want to share it with you. This is a guide to early breakfast in CPH.

The deal is that we meet early enough for us to catch up proporly whilst eating a killer breakfast and still be at the office by 9am. This involves dragging myself out of bed when it’s still dark – I admit it, sometimes I snooze those extra couple of minutes and skip the shower, don’t tell nobody – every time asking myself why I agreed to this and loving every second of it as soon as I’ve got the first taste of coffee in my mouth. Here are a few recommendations and a guide to early breakfast in CPH so that you can start up your own early breakfast club.


Guldbergsgade 29
2200 København N
Opens at 7am every day

Mirabelle is beautiful, very hip and 100 % organic. It’s a bakery (and café) and they make killer croissants with real butter. We always go for the breakfast combo with a soft boiled egg, seasonal fruit, ham, cheese and bread of your own choosing served on a retro enamel tray. They also serve yogurt, granola and other bakery goods. But please, have a croissant when you’re there. The chocolate one is made with my favorite chocolate, Oialla. Mirabelle is quite possibly the early breakfast favorite.


Strangas Dessert Boutique
Åboulevard 7
1635 København V
Mon-Thurs closed
Fri opens at 7.30am
Sat-Sun opens at 8am

We actually haven’t managed to have breakfast at Strangas Dessert Boutique yet. However, I’ve cheated and been here with someone else. Thus, I will allow myself to mention it here anyway. Nikolaos Strangas, the genius behind the brilliant cakes, is such a nice man. I promise you your day will have a great beginning, if it begins at Strangas Dessert Boutique. Besides baking the most extravagant brioche buns (snegle) with cinnamon, berries and chocolate Strangas also offers a morning combo. And don’t be fooled by al the sweats – he makes a killer sourdough bread too.

Brødflov (the featured photo)
Falkoner Alle 34
2000 Frederiksberg
Mon-Sun opens at 6am

At Brødflov you’ll get a solid brunch/breakfast including apple juice (but excluding coffee) and It’ll only take you back 100 DKK. On eco-friendly disposable tableware you’ll get rye bread, a sourdough roll, a croissant, tebirkes or a sweet bun (a so-called cinnamon monsters or chocolate monsters, which is fitting considering the size), Greek yoghurt with jam and granola, a soft boiled egg, cheese, jam and ham. You won’t leave the table feeling hungry.

Værnedamsvej 5
1819 Frederiksberg C
Mon-Fri opens at 7am
Sat-Sun opens at 9am

I love this place! The decor at Granola is cute and stylish, and the staff is so good at making you fell welcome. The menu is big enough to satisfy whatever breakfast-craving you might have; Croque Monsieur, skyr, eggs (boiled, scrambled, fried or in an omelette), cheese on rye and even oat meal porridge. The last time we were here we both went for a soft boiled egg, cheese on rye and a large americano.

Hørsholmsgade 32
2200 København N

2200 København N

Mon-Fri opens at 8am
Sat-Sun opens at 10am

Auto and Taxa is basically the same café in two different locations. Unfortunately they too open a bit late for the breakfast club, but the breakfast is cheap and good. The coffee is of a varying quality and not included in the breakfast combo. However, for the tidy sum of 65 DKK you’ll get skyr with homemade granola, syrup, fruit, soft boiled organic eggs, jam, two kinds of cheese, ham, salami, butter, Oland wheat bread and rye bread.

Smallegade 36
2000 Frederiksberg
Mon-Fri opens at 8am
Sat-Sun opens at 9.30am

Sokkelund, a French-inspired café on Frederiksberg, is also opening a bit too late for the early breakfast club. However, the food, coffee and service is very good. On the menu you’ll both find breakfast combos (69-129 DKK) and a lot of French breakfast eats.

Jægersborggade 50, kld. tv
2200 København N

Torvehallerne KBH
Hal 2, Stade 8A, Linnésgade 17
1362 København K

Guldbergsgade 7a
2200 København N

Mon-Fri opens at 7.30am
Sat-Sun opens at 9.30am

Grød (the Danish word for porridge) and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Grød. As you might already know, I love porridge! Especially on a cold winter morning there’s simply no better way to start of the day.

Meyer’s Deli
Gammel Kongevej 107
1850 Frederiksberg
Mon-Sun opens at 8am

Another place that doesn’t quite live up to the criteria of the early breakfast club (Meyer’s Deli opens at 8am). However, they serve a very nice breakfast combo with eggs, sourdough bread, yogurt, sausage and cheese that’ll take you back 95 DKK. On top of this Meyer makes a mean cinnamon roll (kanelsnurrer). Make sure to try one of those!

Hauser Plads 30
1127 København K
Mon-Fri opens at 7.30am
Sat opens at 9.30am
Sun opens at 10am

Riccos is a franchise and there’s quite a few of them scattered around Copenhagen. Most of them opens at 8am, however the one on Hauser Plads opens at 7.30am. They have a small (59 DKK) and a large (79 DKK) breakfast platter. If you like me need eggs with your breakfast, I suggest you go for the large one. It consists of yogurt, granola, syrup, a soft boiled egg and a freshly baked roll.

Other places I want to try …
Bistro Royal recently began serving breakfast – Alas, also a bit too late (8am) for the early breakfast club. However, they serve scramble eggs with – hold on to your knickers – truffles! I’ve got to try that.

Sidecar opens at 7.30am – perfect for the early breakfast club.

Bang & Jensen, a classic some say, yet a place I’ve never been for breakfast. They open at 7.30am – perfect for the early breakfast club!

Clarke’s on Elmegade (close to my home – and bed, which is a good thing when you are meeting early). Opens at 8am.

The Yogurt Shop opens at 8am.

FAR’s DRENG opens at 8am.

Psst! I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share your early breakfast place with me and the early breakfast club.