The first thing that hit me when entering the restaurant was “wow!” – the décor is absolutely beautiful! I’de heard they won that price and all, but didn’t imagine it would be that tasteful, hyggeligt (as we say in Danish, cosy doesn’t quite cover it, but it’s the nearest thing) and just plain beautiful. You can buy everything in the restaurant and you should. I know I would if I wasn’t on my way to the big apple. 

I am a big fan of the Cofoco empire and all of their mid-budget restaurants in Copenhagen. The newest member of the family is Höst on Nørre Farimagsgade. The name can be translated to “fall” in Swedish and “harvest” in Danish. Very fitting considering the new Nordic cuisine and very rustic barn-like décor. The restaurant is a collaboration between Cofoco and Norm Architects and it’s a very successful collaboration indeed. The duo just received the very prestigious Bar & Restaurant Design Award as the world’s best overall restaurant 13/14. Have a look at all of the beautiful pictures here and you’ll see why.

A picture of a bowl of soup at Höst

I visited Höst last sunday with my in-law’s as a farewell dinner before my man and I leave for NYC (in only one week!!!) for three months. We went for “An evening at Höst” which includes bubbles, 3 courses with wine, coffee and small surprise servings in between the courses. The wine wasn’t all that, but we did go for the cheap version. If you choose the more expensive one (600 DKK), it has an upgraded wine menu. The food however, was really good! We had this menu:

Smoked trout with roe, pickled trumpet mushrooms, cauliflower and mushroom bouillon
Braised beef shank with mashed potatoes, marinated beef inner thigh, beetroot and pepper sauce
Jerusalem artichoke icecream, apple puré, müesli, marengue, fried Jerusalem artichokes and crispy caramel

A picture of a bowl of dessert at Höst

I’m not at all in to Jerusalem artichoke in desserts (had it at Geist and that wasn’t a big hit either), but I guess that’s a matter of taste. The beef was soooo tender and tasty, and the bouillon was very nice and perfectly salty and delicate. I love the fact that our waiter didn’t call the raw slices of cauliflower in the starter “cauliflower crudité” – because that’s exactly what it is! Raw cauliflower. The first surprise serving was smoked quail eggs and dehydrated carrots. The carrot had an almost a wine gummy texture. Next surprise was tartar – great surprise! Before the dessert we got a small serving of rye bread and beer porridge, a classical Danish dish that just happens to be one of my favorite breakfasts. And last but not least we were served homemade, very tasty and chewy malt bonbons, mmmmm.

What are you waiting for? Go, go, go and have a lovely evening at Höst 32x32_#

Psst! I’ve borrowed the featured picture from The others are my own.