Calculating amounts when cooking for more than 6 persons can be a tricky thing. A week ago I had the pleasure of cooking for 80 people when I hosted a pop up dinner on Restaurant Day in Copenhagen. Here’s an easy trick to calculate amounts when cooking for many people. You can do it too!

I have a big love – beside food and my man – and that’s Excel. This brilliant program is actually one of my best friends when I cook for many people or just have to make a 4 persons recipe into a 7 persons recipe.

What I do is I calculate how much I need per person of each ingredient and then I just multiply with the amount of people I’m cooking for. Easy peasy! However, if you know how to use simple functions in Excel you don’t have to do this every time.

Not an Excel wizzard? Don’t dispair, I’ve made this Excel spread sheet for you, so all you have to do is download it and put in the ingredients you are cooking with and the amount stated in the recipe plus the amount of people that the recipe is for and how many people you are cooking for. Et vilà, in the last column is the amount you need in total.

How to multiply a recipe using my spread sheet

  1. Column A: Put in the ingredients from the recipe you want to multiply e.i. potatoes.
  2. Column B: Put in the amount of each ingredient as stated in the recipe e.i. 3 (do not write unit of measurement in this column).
  3. Column C: Put in units of measurement e.i. kg, oz, L, dl etc.
  4. Column D: Put in how many people the recipe is for e.i. 4 persons.
  5. Cell J1: Put in how many people you are cooking for e.i. 100
  6. Column G and H: Voilà, see here how much you need of each ingredients when cooking for as many people as stated in cell J1.

How to calculate amounts when cooking for many kopi
You can easily up and down scale the recipe after you’ve put in the ingredients. Just change the amount of people you are cooking for in cell J1 and watch the magic as all the numbers in column G changes. Go ahead and delete the examples I’ve put in – that’s just for show and tell.

I truly hope this will make cooking for many people easier for you!

Maybe you’ll join the movement and pop up with your own restaurant on May 16th the next time Restaurant Day is going down?

Psst! “Restaurant Day is a worldwide food carnival when anyone can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. It can happen anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden or inner courtyard, at a park, or on the beach – only your imagination is the limit” (restaurant