And you will probably die a slow and painful death if you have more than one of these pretty suckers from Levain Bakery. The main ingredients are without a doubt the best things in life: Butter, butter, butter, chocolate, butter, a pinch of salt and peanut butter. It’s divine!

I first heard about Levain Bakery’s cookies at my favorite pancake hub in NYC, Clinton Street Baking Co. (if you haven’t been there yet, you should go now, as in right now). Having just swallowed a big pile of pancakes I wasn’t feeling very sweet tooth, however one glance at a picture of this cookie and I knew I had to go.

We had to wait in line for a few minutes and the line actually grow quite a bit after we came – but don’t even think about walking away. You will wait and it it’s worth the wait – I promise.

As we finally entered the door to Levain Bakery the smell of everything good in life hit us like a brick wall. Oh my God! We went for a dark chocolate chocolate chip and a Dark chocolate peanut butter chip. They came out straight from the oven and were still warm when we sat down on the nearest door step.

Some might say they’re almost too much – but not me. With small pockets of warm, melted chocolate, a texture that is soft, caramelized and crunchy at the same time and just the right amount of salt to balance out the sweet, these cookies are just plain perfect.

The only bad thing I have to say about Levain Bakery’s cookies is that one per person is too much and a half per person is too little – but then again, if that’s the only problem they’ve got, I’d say Levain Bakery is doing okay.

Psst! Levain Bakery ships to all parts of the world.