When biking to Mielcke & Hurtigkarl it felt like we where going to a secret place hidden in a garden far away from the city’s roaring Friday mood. Inside it’s like a magical cave with beetles crawling on the walls, trees and leaves everywhere and swarms of butterflies hiding in the corners. 

“It is a curious and stylish cabaret of gourmet experiments, contemporary art and elaborate designs set to create a total experience … A treat for all your senses.” mhcph.dk

The surrounding garden is outside and inside everything concerning the meal experience at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. In the food, on the walls, in every corner and on top of this you’re sitting right in the middle of it. I love that it’s not only the pretty aspects of the garden that is invited inside, but also the nasty ones. The walls are beautifully decorated with drawings of trees and leaves and everything seems very idyllic at first view. But look closer and you’ll see beetles and spiders crawling on the trees. Nature is truly present inside these walls!


Each toilet is decorated differently and I would advice all visitors to drink plenty of fluid so that you have the change to experience every one of them. In my opinion you can always judge a restaurant by its toilets and the dessert menu. If thought, love and creativity is present in those two, then you can rest assured that it has ben put into every aspects of the meal experience.

Dining at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl was for me a huge experience showcasing just how powerful a meal experience can become when every aspect of the meal is carefully though trough and the concept is present from even before you step inside the restaurant until you leave again. Thank you for this! And thank you to my man for this wonderful birthday present.


I didn’t photograph each dish and I will not spoil the experience for you by mentioning each dish. The above lobster and tomato serving was however one of my favorites that I would like to share with you. The generous pieces of lobster was perfectly matched with red and green tomatoes from the garden that provided a both sweet and acidic foundation for the dish, herbes (also from the garden), a tomato concommé and last but definitely not least a bergamotte gel. The beautiful colors on the plate exploded in front of us. An explosion that lasted from when we first laid eyes on the dish until the very last bite was consumed and the plate licked. Interestingly enough, I saw a picture of what seemed to be the exact same dish on Danish Master Chef winner, Timm Vladimir’s Instagram profile later that night. He had enjoyed the same lobster and tomato dish at Henne Kirkeby Kro.

FullSizeRender-2 kopi

We didn’t go for the wine pairing, but started with a glass of champagne each and continued with a lovely bottle of Pomerol. I had a glass of Comtes de Champagne 2005 from Taittinger. And wow, what a glass! Nutty, toasted, brioche-like, almost a full meal in itself. Jose Santos is the sommelier at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl and he is a wonderful man. I was a bit nervous that he would frown upon us not choosing the wine menu. Au contraire he told us that he always avoid wine menus when going out too. Nonetheless, I would have loved to try his wine pairing, but financially that was a bit too much for us. The fellow on the picture above had the wine menu but left behind half a glass of wine each time. I wish I was more brave, then I would have asked him if I could have his leftovers … unfortunately, I’m not! The display of avecs on the picture is a good example of Jose Santo’s thoroughness. Why read a menu, when you can see it for yourself?


A brilliant end to this brilliant dinner was the miniature macarons that came with my coffee. Again the garden was invited inside and manifested in each sweet bite. Not all of them was equally delicious. For instance the lovage macaron was a bit too interesting for my tast. However this displays perfectly how the surroundings of Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is integrated and incorporated into every single part of the experience.

The Full Experience will take you back 950 DKK and The Experience will tak you back 800 DKK. We went for the full experience and left extremely full with no room for the extra dishes (caviar and cheese). The wine menu incl. water is respectively 950 DKK and 800 DKK.

Psst! The featured photo and the photo displaying the tree drawings are from Mielcke & Hurtigkarls flickr taken by Marie Louise Munkegaard.