Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing Momofuku Ko, the crown jewel of the Momofuku empire (David Chang owns 12 Momofuku restaurants!). There’s no need to beat around the bush on this one. This dinner was probably the best I’ve ever had. Not even NOMA, apparently the best restaurant in the world, could top this dinner.

I know what you might be thinking – “is it even possible to compare the two?!” – and it probably isn’t. All I know is, at Momofuku Ko I didn’t have one thing I didn’t like. Everything was beautifully composed in terms of texture, taste and appearance and the atmosphere was just plain awesome.

Photo by Noah Kalina

It’s maybe more accurate to call Momofuku Ko a kitchen with chairs, than an actual restaurant. Or even a bar with a kitchen. Anyway, this is exactly what makes dining at Momofuku Ko so unique. Sitting shoulder by shoulder on the counter embracing the kitchen, me, my man and the 10 remaining guests was actually outnumbered by the staff – and it was fully booked! No wonder it costed is a half months rent. Worth every penny though. The staff on our side of the counter only served us drinks. Every dish was served by a chef after is was prepared just a few inches away from us, making us part of every step in the making of those amazing dishes. Go, go, go and have a very intimate experience!

I won’t and can’t walk you through all the more than ten amazing dishes we had, but the top photo is a sneak peak. You’re not allowed to take photos inside the restaurant – to the delight of my boyfriend, who hates the fact that I can’t eat anything before photographing it first – but luckily Momofuku Ko let me use some of their pictures. This dish was a real comfort food dish with perfectly soft-boiled egg, caviar and potato chips. It actually reminded me a lot about a dish made by the brothers Price (Brdr. Price) known as grandma’s eggs. In a much classier way that is! In the bottom of the post is another photo. We didn’t have that dish, but I would surely love to. We did however have the most tender piece of slow roasted I’ll-melt-on-your-togue-right-here-and-now duck breast I’ve ever had – and the most red piece of duck I’ve ever had too. 

The wine pairing was really good too. The theme was bubbles, which meant we had several amazing glasses of champagne, sparkling wines, beer and cocktails. Got a bit tipsy and soared away on a lovely pink cloud completely high from all the great food, drinks, service and lovely company.

Many more of those nights, please …

Psst! Momofuku means lucky peach. Feature photo is by Momofuku.

Photo by Momofuku