One thing is for sure, I’ve definitely not been starving these past three months I’ve spend in NYC. I can’t even remember all the great places I’ve been and all the amazing things I’ve tasted. Some does however stand out in my mind. Here’s my top 5 NYC culinary highlights.

Buvette – the mid budget on

We first visited Buvette by recommendation of a very good friend and fellow foodie of mine. As you might know, I’ve had some trouble with the temperature that most NYC restaurants serve their red wine at: Room temperature or above. Fortunately Buvette knows how it’s done! “Would you like the red wine served at room or cellar temperature” asked our waiter, “we love you!” was our reply. So they have a great wine list that’s presented in the cutest little pixie book look-alike book. The wine list is divided by wine regions in France. The food is simple and great. All servings are appetizer size, which makes it ideal for sharing. We order a bunch of stuff and share it between us. Some dishes are hot, but most of them are cold. One of my favorites is the Roquefort mixed with butter served with toasted bread. What’s not to love? A full fat cheese made even richer with butter making it all creamy and delicious. Oh, my god, it’s good! We’ve been to Buvette twice and it was amazing both times.

Popbar – the sweet one

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve had my share of handcrafted gelato on a stick from Popbar these past three months. And boy, do I love this “Design you own popsicle”-concept. Every day they have multiple flavors of gelatos, sorbets and frozen yoghurt you can choose from. Then you dip it in melted dark, milk and/or white chocolate and finish it off with what ever topping you prefer. One of my favorites is lemon sorbet, white chocolate and caramelized corn. Chocolate gelato, dark chocolate sauce and pistachios is good too. And the coffee gelato, oh the coffee – they’re all good, I can’t choose!

Momofuku Ko – the expensive one

Visiting Momofuku Ko was on my to-do list long before we arrived in NYC. It was cphfoodblog who first opened my eyes to David Chang and his impressive restaurant empire. I knew right away I had to go – no matter the price. This meal was by far the most expensive one in all the three months we were in NYC (however, by far the most expensive meal you can get in the city). But my god, it was worth every penny. Rumor has it, Momofuku Ko is moving to a new and bigger venue soon. I sincerely hope this doesn’t ruin the very intimate and personal atmosphere that makes this place so very special.
Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening filled with though through servings, new and old tastes and textures made by passionate and skilled chefs – and all of this, just in front of you, while you get a little tipsy from the delicious wine pairing offering both pleasant surprises and well know favorites. I have to come back …. when I’ve worked of my NYC debt.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor – the cheap one

Apparently Now Wah Tea Parlor isn’t as authentic as it once was. And I guess more non-Chinese people eat here than Chinese. However, this doesn’t change the fact, that Now Wah Teaparlor makes amazing dim sum. I must have eaten here at least once a week these past three months and I still haven’t gotten enough of their roast pork bun, shrimp sui mai or pan fried dumplings. In fact, I could go for some right now. The décor brings to mind an old American diner with a twist of something a bit more cosy. I usually just drink water when I dine here making it possible to eat until you burst for about $23-26 for two people. Saturday brunch/lunch is always busy, but in evenings you shouldn’t have trouble getting a table. 2-3 dim sums per person is enough.

Maison Premier – the cool one

A place that specializes in oysters and absinth has to be very cool and that’s just the case with Maison Premiere. What a wine connoisseur knows about wine, these guys know about oysters. Being fairly knew in the “I like oysters”-business I was quite frankly amazed by the level of details of which our waiter could describe and distinguish the very long list of different oysters on the menu. Even better they have oyster happy hour starting from $1 every day from 4pm to 7pm and a whole section in the bar devoted to oyster opening by several chefs dressed in white from head to toe. I love feeling f****** rich (because I’m not) and Maison Premiere is the perfect place to do it.

 Psst! The book in the featured image is Food Rules by the brilliant man Michael Pollan.