This Tuesday Danish power lady Trine Hahnemann published her 15th cookbook. The book is an ode to the area and cuisine of Peralta in the northern part of Tuscany. Unfortunately I’ve never been there, but reading Trine Hahnemanns book made me long for olive oil, pasta, lazy afternoons and Aperol Spritz in the afternoon sun.

I have to admit that I rarely cook recipes from cookbooks. But I love to look at cookbooks and it’s absolutely the prettiest thing you can have on your bookshelf, if you ask me. Peralta is no exception. Lars Ranek is the man behind the camera and the book comes with a mouth water guaranty.

Peralta 175b

Besides a bunch of delicious recipes, Trine Hahnemann also presents a few drinks recipes. For instance she has her own take on Aperol Spritz and an amazing limoncello vodka spritz. Perfect for that bottle of limoncello you bought in the airport on your way home from holiday because you “would drink that al the time! It tastes amazing!”. And it does, but just not as good when you’re home, wearing pants and socks again and there’s three months until the sun shows its pretty face again.

Psst! It’s been a couple of very quit months for me. For that I’m sorry. Hopefully that’ll change! Friday I went to the Danish gourmet restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. You’ll soon hear about it.

Disclaimer This post is not sponsored by Trine Hahnemann, but I have been working on the marketing campaign promoting Peralta.