The best thing about mornings is definitely breakfast. I usually eat the same thing every morning for about a month and then move on to something else, before I’m back to the first one again. My breakfast repertoire is: Skyr with fruit and nuts, soft-boilded eggs and toasted rye bread and then of course my all time favorite: Porridge with fruit, almonds and raisins.

I do this, when I make porridge
40 g corse rolled oats
2 dl water
1/2 tablespoon coarse salt
1/2 apple, diced
almonds, chopped

Mix oats and water in a casserole. It doesn’t matter if you leave the lid on or off. Dice the apple and whatever fruit you have. It’s really good with gragefruit or orange filets. When boiling, stir in salt and keep stiring until the texture is right. When finished, remove the casserole from the stove and mix in almonds, raisins, apples or whatever you like.  Today I added skyr and freeze dried raspberries on the top. It’s fast, saturating and damn good!