A couple of weeks ago my mum and I meet my “cardboard” aunt and cousin for dinner at restaurant BROR. Apparently the address used to belong to a hairdresser. Now it’s a hip restaurant with kind of a newyorker vibe with a hint of new Nordic.

I’ll begin with saying that it sure wasn’t dull dining at restaurant BROR. During the meal we encountered a speed talking waiter, several chefs, a black out and what seemed to be a small fire in the kitchen. On top if that I had my first bull ball EVER – and maybe my last. It was sliced, breaded and deep fried. On Instagram I found this picture of unprepared bull balls (kinda nasty). I’m glad they disguised them a bit. However the preparation left them tasting of nothing but deep frying oil. The texture was quit fatty with a small resemblance to sweet bread. On the side was a beautiful tartare sauce, which heightened the experience a lot. However, I love the gimmick value and the nose to tail way of thinking.

Bull Balls

On restaurant BROR’s webpage it saids “the word “brother” symbolizes for us caring, honesty and respect. Values ​​that the restaurant is built around”. We asked the waiter what the name BROR meant when we left but he didn’t know. I rather like this explanation.


My favorite dish was a pointed cabbage “build it yourself” wrap with different dips, meat and sauces. Tasty, but again something I can easily make at home and often do. There’s a tartare on the menu and of course I had to try it! In my opinion it was more like a rolled carpaccio than a tartare serving. Also the meat was a bit too matured for my taste – but I guess that’s a matter of taste.


I will definitely visit restaurant BROR again should I get the change. However, I wasn’t blown away  by the food and the speed talking waiter plus black out, smoke and – to my taste – way too young wines all in all makes it a good, but not great dining out experience.

Psst! I have a very modern family with a lot of mothers, a couple of fathers and a bunch of (with each other) blood related and half blood related brothers and sisters, all of which I do not share a single drop of blood. About 10 years ago yet another family was added to my very modern family and boom; my family counted an extra pair of aunts, a cousin, a younger sister and another farther figure. All photos are of courtesy of restaurant BROR by Signe Birck and Chris Tonnesen.