Daniel Burns, former Pastry Chef at famous Danish restaurant noma and Momofuku Culinary Lab, is the man behind the stove at Luksus (luxury in Danish). It’s not a big stove – Nor is the rest of the restaurant for that matter. But Burns and his team do a great job in this tiny kitchen in the back of a beer bar in Green Point.

My man and I went to Luksus a couple of weeks ago and literally didn’t know what to expect. A restaurant in a beer bar? Really? When we got there we had to sign a partition saying that we wouldn’t sue anyone if we got on national TV, as they were shooting some kind of TV show inside. We signed it – eager to get our 15 minutes of fame. Didn’t get to be on the screen though … oh well, we came for the food, not the fame.

Style: "70's look"
Photo by Signe Birck

We were greeted at the bar and got our coats checked. Still wondering where the restaurant actually was, a sliding door all of sudden opened revealing a small room behind the back wall of the bar. We stepped in and the door was closed behind us. As if we and the other guests siting and chatting peacefully were the only ones around, the sound from the crowded bar just next door was blocked out completely.

Photo by Signe Birck

We started of with a handful of delicious snacks including an all time favorite of mine, sweetbread, also known as thymus. Moving on to the actual courses we had 5 very light and well composed dishes.


Photo by Signe Birck

The serving on the picture above was the biggest surprise of the evening. It didn’t look like much, but oh my God the flavors! This brown puddle with a little bit on the side was extremely tasteful with a full on umami going on. This dish proved once and for all that quality can make you just as satisfied (maybe even as full) as quantity.

Style: "Portrait B&W"
Photo by Sigen Birck

My favorite was the dessert served by Mr. Burns himself (the handsome fella on the picture above). He said it reminded him of Denmark and I can see why: The colors were red and white – like the Danish flag and the (sort of) national dish rødgrød med fløde (pronounced  [ˈʁœðˀɡʁœðˀ] according to Wikipedia??) – with a hint of licorice. Like the rest of the dishes the different components was nothing if you had them one by one, but combined they made the most heavenly mouthful.

It’s interesting having a beer pairing instead of the well known wine pairing. I might be a slow drinker, but I actually had trouble finishing all the beers. It’s a lot of liquid! However the different beers matched the food, mainly made with vegetables and fish, perfectly.

The menu chances quite often, so I won’t go into detail with every dish. I will however give Luksus thumbs up and send you on your way to Green Point. Enjoy!

Psst! You can sit at the kitchen counter and look into the kitchen while eating. Had I known, I would definitely have asked to be seated there. To be fair, my man wasn’t as excited as I was – he was missing a proper piece of meat. Maybe best for a girls night out?