The décor is very summerhouse like  – one might say they have a bit of style clash going os. However the food at Skál NYC is great and the atmosphere is too. The tattoo (and arm) on the featured picture belongs to one of the lovely chefs at Skál NYC. Thank you for sharing!

Considering the location just next door to Chinatown, I didn’t expect to find myself surrounded by old summerhouse furniture, porcelain plates (on the wall) and a rather eccentric French Restaurant Manager when visiting Skál NYC a few weeks back . However this was exactly the case. Our waitress was very new (second time on the job, she revealed) and fumbled quite a bit when opening and serving wine plus water (she practically soaked the table each time). But she was very sweet and very charming and then a few rookie mistakes means absolutely nothing.

2014-04-18 18.58.06
We started out with a couple of $1-oysters and a glass of wine because it was happy hour. The red one was (surprise, surprise) too warm – what is it with this country? – but good and the white was uncomplicated and pleasant.

2014-04-18 19.13.54
2014-04-18 19.15.37
Then we had tartar (you know me) and amazing cod croquettes. The tartar was a bit roughly chopped for my taste, but it was beautifully presented and the grilled bread was so yummy.

2014-04-18 19.36.49-2
To end it all I had grilled octopus and my man had a steak. Both very nice dishes.The prices at Skál are reasonable and it’s a great way to kick start a night out. Have fun!

Psst! Stay for cocktails and have fun talking to the french Manager – he’s a hoot!