SPIRALIZER: I study with two girls that are personal trainers and dieticians, which means getting a lot of new inpiration for healthy recipes. I’m really not into all that protein powder stuff, but I’ve become a big fan of something they eat A LOT: Vegetable spagetti.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pasta and I am a huge sucker for carbs – aren’t we all? But for lunch and a light dinner, vegetable spagetti is brilliant. I bought this spiralizer online and so far I have made spagetti out of zucchinis, apples (yes, I know it’s not a vegetable), beetroots and carrots.
Photo 10-01-14 19.09.33
Last night my cousin and I had it with a tasty meat sauce (bolognese). Big hit!

Psst! Are you looking to cut down your food waste, this is a nice way to use all of your last veggies in the fridge.