You’re on your way to the airport and you’ve had a great time in Copenhagen. You’ve seen the little mermaid, walked up the Round Tower, frozen your ass off on a canal tour and seen your share of really old buildings. But wait a minute! You haven’t had one of those famous open faced sandwiches, tried all the different pastries you wanted to or had Danish chocolate yet. And now you’re going home. What to do?! No need to panic. Here’s what you do – Visit Torvehallerne just by Nørreport Station.

First, grab a coffee from the Coffee Collective to take with you, when you browse around. They make damn good coffee. What’s great with coffee? Chocolate of course! The Summerbird cream puffs are to die for.

jul__02 1200X800
You should always have something salty after eating sweets, or is it the other way around? Anyway, try some of the amazing cheeses at Unika by Castello (Arla Unika). I would say “take one home” – but I’m not sure if your fellow passengers would agree.

Beat down your flight jitters with a Bøgedal draught beer at Omegn. It’s handcrafted in a small town in Jutland and comes in beautiful champagne-like bottles. Take one home? Of course you should!

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After that you’ll need a little snack, so stop by the fish market and have one of their lavish fishcakes. They’re so good! If you want something a bit bigger and more meal-like, have one of those famous open faced sandwiches at Hallernes Smørrebrød. It’s even served on old Danish porcelain.

I know you’re full now, but you’ll need something to eat on the plane. Swing by Gorm’s and get a piece of really good pizza with a crisp crust and just a tiny hint of Nordic cuisine in the toppings.

If you still got time, run down to Café Rosa and have one of her delicious, organic cakes.  I’m particularly fond of the cardamom and cinnamon buns. Take it to go and have a great trip home!

torvehallerne_stemning_aug04_fotograf_Thomas Steen Sørensen
Not going home yet? Relax, find a place in the sun and have a glass of bubbles from the Cava bar. Life is good at Torvehallerne.

Psst! All photos are by Torvehallerne.