Where to eat in Copenhagen?

These are my all time favorite places to eat in Copenhagen – If you’re around, come join me! this guide is updated continuously. Feel free to make suggestions for me to add!

Nørrebro (North)
Vesterbro (West)
Østerbo (East)
The pricy end**

Nørrebro – my favorite part of CPH
Aroiidee – I looove their beef and noodle soup
P2 by Malbeck – They’ve closed the kitchen and only serves a bit of charcuterie, but still it’s my favorite winebarRead a bit about it in this post
SmagReally great take away salads
Relæ – Simple and great (fine) food at affordable prices
Meyers BageriYou must try a cinnamon “snurre” i Jægersborggade
The Coffee CollectiveThe best coffee in town
Café BodegaGreat brunch, food in general and sun in the afternoon
Palmen Slik – “mix it yourself” candy and A LOT of it in Elmegade
Bæst – Real Italian wood oven pizzas, cocktails and homemade mozzarella
MirabelleBakery with really good stuff. Their croissants are to die for and the decor is just plain beautiful
[superkaffeforsyningen]Serves Coffee Collective coffee and simple breakfast. Nice spot to hang out in the morning or afternoon
Fætter Fætter – Deluxe toasts … that’s right, toasts… and drinks. Hipsters might appear!
Joe & far Great place serving today’s special (vegetarian and with meat) at affordable prices. To go or to stay – it’s up to you

Restaurant Cofoco – The crown jewel of the enterprise that is Cofoco
nose2tail – Food bodega in an old butchery
Gorilla – Haven’t been yet, but everybody seems to love it!
Malbeck – The original Malbeck 
wine bar. Tables outside in the summertime – great place to drink wine anytime of the year
Lidkoeb – It doesn’t get much fancier than this

Nagoya – Running sushi “the good way” 

Candeur – Cocktails and desserts beautifully combined
Manzel – A hidden cave with trendy décor, great humus and better falafels
Brdr. PriceFor desserts it’s awesome! Try the Oialla chocolate mousse or the lemon merengue pie
Höst – Beautiful décor, great food, great prices and great service. You have to eat here!
VOCE Private dining in the heart of CPH. Don’t hesitate, just book that table
Bar’Vin – Great food and wine in the heart of the city. Love their tartare!
Pluto – Lovely decor and great food. Very hip!
Bror – Nice food. The wine is a bit prizy though
Llama – Another brilliant Cofoco restaurant. Great South American food, wine (from Malbeck) and cocktails

The pricy end**
Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
Grønbeck & Churchill